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    De Winnaar Software is working on Android Platform since its birth. Android is a powerful mobile and tablet-friendly operating system, Android is widening foothold among hardware manufacturers, De Winnaar Software has extensive technical know-how and design chops that run the gamut of Android apps and games development over Android platform. With incredible on-demand capacity and a stable of engineers and designers specializing exclusively in Android, We are the leading Android Software Development company in the world.

    The popularity of Android OS can be seen by the fact that more than 700,000 Android applications get launched each day. Also, it surpassed the Apple’s iOS in the 1st quarter of 2011. This is due to more security options, easy availability on many brands of smart phones with different price range, Flash support and its open market for developers; provided by Google.

    Important characteristic of Android development:

    Low development & maintenance cost
    Rapidly growing platform
    Provides support for interactive media features
    Linux core is responsible for stability of the Android apps
    Vast, comprehensive library for graphics, media and other tools
    Android SDK helps in formation of rich and unique app
    Aalpha has extensive expertise with Android App Development and in the past we have developed for different domains:

    Android Mobile Business Applications
    Android Based Games
    Android Wi-Fi/GPS Apps
    Android Web Development
    Android Utility Based App Development
    Android ECommerce App Development

    De Winnaar Software’s process begins and ends with the client. From first contact and discussion of your idea through to final release on the Android Market, everything we do is client-centered. For a deeper look into the nitty-gritty of our entire development process, be sure to click through here.

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